Video : ‘No dog will eat this…’ Police food is very bad! He cried profusely while expressing his grief

Video : ‘No dog will eat this…’ Police food is very bad! He cried profusely while expressing his grief

Police Crying Video: Seeing the crying of the police constable, the audience gathered to listen to him. Started making videos.

A video of a police constable crying Oxaboksi (Police cry Video) has come up. This police constable is seen raising his voice against the food served in the mess. The police broke down in tears while protesting against the poor quality of food. As no one is taking any notice even after telling the superiors, now this police constable has a question of whom to complain to. Police constables in messes run in police lines (Police News) Nutritional food is provided as allowance. Food is served. But after 12 hours of duty, the quality of food has deteriorated, the police constable has pointed out. The video of this police constable protesting over the food standard is circulating on social media (Social Media Viral Video) after going viral, this case has come into discussion. This incident is in Uttar Pradesh and the police constable has been seen in the video giving a shout saying that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should listen to my statement.

Watch the video:

‘Government makes us work for 12-12 hours and gives such food in return’

◆ Manoj Kumar, a constable of UP Police posted at Firozabad Headquarters, narrated his agony with tears. @firozabadpolice @Uppolice #zerodha pic.twitter.com/LLAssKWSMY

— jamidarkachora (@jamidarkachora) August 11, 2022

Who is this police constable?

Manoj Kumar is the name of the policeman who is complaining about the food. He had many diners complain about the poor quality. But no one noticed it. Seniors were also contacted by phone, but no one is listening. Manoj Kumar has also alleged that they threaten to suspend him. It has been seen that they shed tears while expressing their grief. In the video, it is clearly seen that the police constable has become isolated like a small baby.

Watch the video:

A UP police constable posted in Firozabad district protests against the quality of food served at the mess in police lines. He was later whisked away. A probe has been ordered. pic.twitter.com/nxspEONdNN

— Piyush Rai (@Benarasiyaa) August 10, 2022

Manoj Kumar said that the food given to police constables is so bad that even a dog will not eat it. He also alleged that a scam is going on in the name of Poshan Ahana. Police constables are suffering due to this scam by seniors. Police constable Manoj Kumar asked a desperate question that if there is nothing in the stomach, then what are we going to do on duty.

Meanwhile, seeing the crying of the police constable, the people gathered to listen to him. Started making videos. Seeing this, the local police tried to make him understand by telling the soldier to go to the police station and present his point there. The Firozabad Police has now taken this matter seriously and has directed the relevant agencies to take notice of the matter.

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