Trending: Scientists make artificial hand controlled by breathing

Trending: Scientists make artificial hand controlled by breathing

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a prosthetic hand for children. Its feature is that the movement of this prosthetic hand is controlled by the wearer’s breathing.

Scientists make new discoveries from time to time (Science Experiment) They are planting. Some inventions are beneficial for the progress of mankind. And new things are being developed. One such discovery is from Oxford University in England (Oxford University) Scientists have put it. They make artificial hands for children (Prosthetic Hand) has been developed. Its feature is that the movement of this hand is according to the breath of the wearer and thus the hand can be controlled. According to a report, this artificial hand is very light in weight (Very light weight)is So it can move easily. It can also be easily maintained. The special thing is that the price of this device (prosthetic hand) is not very expensive.

Who will get the benefit?

A very small prosthetic hand would be especially beneficial to children who are too small or whose existing body is unsuitable for artificial hands. Which requires harness and cable. A hand held breathing control can definitely be a boon for such children.

How to control the artificial hand?

The researchers published some findings July 29 in the journal Prosthesis. Accordingly, this artificial hand is only controlled by breathing. That is, the person or child who wears the prosthetic arm will move according to his breath and can be controlled by the same person. To use it (prosthetic hand) the child has to breathe and a turbine with one blade will power the artificial fingers. The air needed for that energy can be easily produced by infants through respiration. And the device is designed to measure how quickly it can grab something.

It is better than the current artificial hands

The artificial hand designed by researchers at Oxford University is easier to use and maintain compared to currently available artificial hands. Artificial hands used so far rely on a lot of wires, which can be expensive to maintain. Because it requires experts to install and maintain it. According to the researchers, those who may not have access to prosthetic arms with cable technology. (Old Technique Expensive Prosthetic Hand) Even the youth of such underprivileged countries would benefit greatly from a breath-controlled prosthetic arm.

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