Eknath Shinde was ready in Bihar too

Eknath Shinde was ready in Bihar too

What has been played in Maharashtra has been happening in Bihar. Eknath Shinde, who was leading the government there too, was ready in the Janata Dal-U, but in time, the leaders of JDU sensed it and put the Qataris on him. Although many leaders still believe that the threat to JDU is not over and it can be played like Maharashtra at any time. But unlike Shiv Sena, the leaders of Janata Dal-U are alert and have taken steps in time. It is being told that the BJP was to be played through the party’s number two leader and minister RCP Singh in the central government. The way Eknath Shinde revolted by uniting party MLAs in Maharashtra, the same rebellion was likely to happen in Bihar under the leadership of RCP.

In Maharashtra, the BJP is playing bets to form its government, but it was being said about Bihar that it was ready to hand over the chair to the RCP as well. Keep in mind that in the last election, only 43 MLAs of Janata Dal-U had won. Had 28-29 MLAs separated from them, it would have been the BJP’s job. Speaker of the Bihar Assembly Vijay Sinha is the leader of BJP and how his relationship with JDU is known to all. They would have recognized a separate faction. On the other hand some BJP leaders were also breaking into Congress MLAs. But if the game does not happen like Maharashtra, then the reason is that all the leaders of Bihar stay in politics for 24 hours. So, Nitish Kumar and his party’s national president Lalan Singh already sensed that RCP Singh was moving closer to the BJP. That’s why he was not given a Rajya Sabha ticket and was isolated in the party as well. Nitish himself and Lalan Singh took all the MLAs of the party under his command.

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