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The ban on single use plastics will come into effect from July 1

The ban on single use plastics will come into effect from July 1

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Apps, control panel and special forces for effective implementation

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The ban on single use plastics will take effect from July 1. The central government on Tuesday issued a notification in this regard. In 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a phased ban on single-use plastics. It’s been coming to reality since July 1st.

The central government has announced a list of items which will be banned. It mainly includes items like plastic cutlery, tubes, spoons, plastic sticks for candy, balloons, packaging tools, polystyrene, decoration materials etc. Now the production of these items will also be banned.

Will take the cooperation of the states

Important suggestions have also been made to the states to make the ban on single use plastics a success. States should stop production of these items. Also, arrangements should be made at the borders so that they do not come from outside the state. The number of patrols should be increased so that people are encouraged to avoid the use of such plastics, an arrangement has been made through the Central Government.

Support for special apps

By using mobile apps, people will be made aware of the dangers to the environment from the use of such plastics. The general public will also be informed of the options. Information will be given on how to avoid the use of single use plastic. Special forces will be deployed to carry out the ban effectively. A control room will also be set up, the Union Environment Department said.

Stop the supply of raw materials

Single use plastics are made from petroleum. Therefore, factories manufacturing such plastics have been ordered to cut off the supply of petroleum products. Petroleum companies have been notified. A control room will also be set up at the state level. It has been declared illegal to manufacture or sell plastics secretly and strict action will be taken against those involved.

Industry request

Many industries across the country as well as small scale industries have requested the central government to extend the ban on single use plastics for six months. “We need time to prepare,” he said. It was clarified that these industries lack infrastructure and if such a ban is imposed, many industries will have to close down. However, he was given a period of 2 years, not six months. This is because the central government had announced the ban two years ago, the government said in a statement.

Rules in 2021

The Central Government has prepared the Plastic Waste Management Rules in 2021 and they have been notified. Under the revised regulations, items in 19 categories of plastics are banned. These items are scientifically proven to be dangerous to the environment.

Also a threat to the marine environment

The increasing use of plastics has threatened the marine ecosystem and the marine environment. Waste plastic items flow into seas and rivers. This poses a threat to the living creatures in these reservoirs. It has been found that water flow stops when single use plastics get stuck. Therefore, many experts are of the opinion that if we want to save the next generation, we will have to suffer today. He has supported the Central Government in this regard.

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